Study reveals fine-tuning mechanism of angiotensinogen in pre-eclampsia

December 20, 2015

Pre-eclampsia ?? new high blood pressure and kidney problems in pregnancy ?? affects about one woman in 20 in the UK during pregnancy, and often needs premature delivery. In its most serious form it is one of the two most important causes of maternal death in the UK, and worldwide kills at least 55,000 pregnant women per year. It is one of the 'oxidative stress' diseases, and probably originates in the placenta, or afterbirth.

Professor Broughton Pipkin said: "We decided that examining the ratio of the two forms of angiotensinogen in plasma from pre-eclamptic women and those with normal blood pressure would be an excellent test of the hypothesis that this mechanism could contribute to high blood pressure.

"We sent coded samples to Cambridge and were thrilled when we broke the code to find that the results fitted our prediction beautifully. They also fit with the changes in the placenta in pre-eclampsia. This is an absolutely novel approach, which is providing new insights into what goes wrong in pre-eclampsia.

"The collaboration is continuing and expanding, and we hope very much to get rapid grant funding".Source :  Nature